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Our focus service

We realize that whether an organization sells groceries, televisions, checking accounts, or socket wrenches, the real product is customer value and delight. That's why our company focused on customer experience research and consultant.

PLUS service

Since our team has long time experiences on research industry, we can other research as good as customer experience research

Gaia's solutions come full circle: We help you measure your customer experienc through our research program and we help you to do improvement through our training and consultant program.

We can provide you other research since our past experienced not just about customer experience research. Our network also can help us to provide best solution for your unique need.

Our Main Services Overview

Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping can be used as the solution to a number of business issues. We’ve pretended to be betting shops, scientists, installation engineers, etc.

Mystery Observasion

Observation is particularly useful in those cases where information collected using survey methods is not sufficient or falls short of reflecting the full nature of a given trend.

Competitive intelegent

We are defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products and any aspect of the environment needed to support You making decisions.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction information gives retailers insight into how customers are responding to their stores, merchandise, employees, service, and more.

Employee observation

We evaluates performance, observing him and his work habits is the best way to make a fair assessment to observing him and his work habits is the best way to make a fair assessment.

Service Consultant

We help You reach out effectively to customers. We typically work closely with sales teams in order to gain customers' feedback and get customers more involved.