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About Us

Customer experience measurement

Gaia is a research consultant with its expertise on customer experience measurement. We pride ourselves on producing the most accurate and valuable data in the industry.


2014 -

Founded to help our clients close the gap between the promise of service excellence and its actual delivery.

Gaia's solutions come full circle: while gathering information is a critical step, our analytics teams also show our clients how to interpret and use this data to most effectively drive growth. This is just one example of how we are always focused on quality long-termrelationships with your companies.


To be your trusted & long-term relationships research and consultant partner especially on customer experience

In order to ensure quality an reliability of the data, we follow strict management of our field force. Our field representatives must clearly understand that information provided must be accurate, honest and actionable. Any less will not be accepted or tolerated. We audit our field representative’s scoring habits to ensure that scoring is not biased.

Our Team

Sriva Marta Azka (Cici)

Graduated in Statistics from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Cici started her carrier as a researcher when she join MRI at 2008. She has involved in big-scale project particularly in banking – her client including Mandiri, BRI and Permata Bank. Her passion brought her to Gaia to deliver excellent research services.

Noneng Lani Dewiyani

She start her carrier at MRI 2001 as field team. Her passion in market research help her to quickly developed her carrier, become field manager and also manager of learning center . Her trainer is from all over indonesia. Her specialitation is on mystey shopping, both training and measurement.

Marlin H Purba

She start her carrier at SRI, now AC Nielsen at 1990 as field team. Since then, she improve her carrier until become field manager. She has traveling to and has channeling in all over indonesia Now, she has experience in all research methodology.